Boutique Highlight: Quatuor’s Quirky Charm

“Antwerp—the enchanting little city in Belgium with just the right amount of quirkiness to lend it a certain ineffable charm. In the picture-perfect quarter of the city, behind the red door of an old brick Flemish building is Quatuor, a multi-brand boutique housing a fusion of offbeat brands and timeless classics.


The quirky boutique opened its doors for the first time in Liège in 2004. The same year saw the launch of its online boutique, making Quatuor the first furniture retailer to have an online shopping feature in Belgium. With three boutiques in Brussels, Charleroi and Liège, the charming boutique in Antwerp—like the unconventional city—is unique in its concept. The seasonal boutique carries a few carefully curated brands. In the summer, outdoor furniture dominate the boutique, while in the winter, indoor furniture and Ethnicraft pieces are highlighted.

Inside the snug space of Quatuor’s Antwerp boutique, eccentric little pieces are combined with enduring designs. Ethnicraft pieces serve as solid structures to which unique accents from Universo Positivo, Fatboy and Kartell are added to create a contrast between classic and unconventional.

They say that opposites attract, and it is certainly true when it comes to Quatuor. The boutique’s marriage of timeless design and eccentric contemporary aesthetic creates a combination as arresting as the city in which it resides

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