Ethnicraft Corner Highlight: La Maison D&Co’s Little Oasis

“Cool, quirky and otherworldly, La Maison D&Co’s Ethnicraft corners in Lyon, France seem to beckon us to sweet surrender with oasis-like spaces.


Maison D&Co_2016_03

Swathed with cool blues, fresh greens and accented with nature-inspired accessories, the Ethnicraft corners are glimpses of the soothing space one could create to temporarily tune out and indulge in blissful retreat.


Maison D&Co_2016_11


Also furnished with Notre Monde and Universo Positivo pieces, the dedicated spaces are arranged in a fluid placement across the boutique. An arresting Mikado dining table makes a bold statement at the front, moving to vignettes of contemporary eclectic living spaces, and ending with warm kitchens and dining rooms.

Maison D&Co_2016_18


Spend a little too long in La Maison D&co’s corners and you’ll find yourself too contented to move away from these little glimpses of a sanctuary.

Maison D&Co_2016_19

Styling by LC Studio.

Find La Maison D&Co in north of Lyon, France, or visit their website:

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