Maison & Objet Paris: Let the “Games” begin

“It’s all fun and games with Maison & Objet. At least for the international design fair’s most recent edition, that is. Taking place in Paris from September 2 to 6, Maison & Objet dared us to unleash our inner child with a “House of Games” theme.

The rules of the game? There were no rules. Imagination was set free, along with explosions of colors, playful patterns and shapes inspired by childhood fairy tales.


While bright colors might have been the obvious palette to go along with the “Games” theme, Ethnicraft opted to take the road less traveled and went with a monochromatic color scheme. Inspired by the board games’ dice, the Ethnicraft booth’s black, white, grey and natural wood palette was decidedly somber. The booth housed Ethnicraft’s Fall novelties, which include the Bok table and Casale chair. The theme’s playfulness was conveyed through dot patterns and vibrant accents. The vast, maze-like backdrop of the M rack further accentuated the fair’s theme, challenging our stylists to push their imagination in arranging the immense framework with playful objects.

xf1XhUE7bdIF48yXO3P1FihnoE2E5PylDMpq9LpjZzZFSAgeNFncAlso joining in all the fun, Ethnicraft’s sophisticated and well-traveled sister brand, Notre Monde put a witty twist on the theme with styling inspired by the House of Mirrors. Playing with different finishing, colors and sizes, the plethora of mirrors gave the space an illusory vastness, reflecting the space back with a slightly whimsical air.

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The atmosphere surrounding this edition’s Maison & Objet was highly charged with the spontaneity and childlike enthusiasm of the theme. The giddy sensation that lingered after participating in the “Games”—much like the feeling one gets after a day of hearty fun—left us in anticipation of the thrill the next edition will bring.


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