Straight extendable table in oak

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With the Holiday Season just around the corner, we’re all looking forward to welcoming friends and family to our homes and having a great time together at the dinner table.


But, extra guests means extra space. Permanently placing a large table in the dining room might not be ideal in all homes, but an extendable dining table is a perfect solution.

slice extendable dining table in teak

Our range of extendable tables not only provides you with an easy way to create occasional additional space but they are also aesthetically indistinguishable from their “regular” counterparts.

How does it work? In just 5 easy steps, 1 person can quickly add space for 2 to 4 more people at your dining table. An extendable Ethnicraft dining table basically gives you the benefits of 2 tables in 1.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: open the safety locks

Step 2: slide the tabletop towards you

Step 3: unfold the butterfly extendable flaps

Step 4: close the table gaps until it flushes

Step 5: close the safety locks

The next steps are just “enjoy” and “have fun.”

Our range of extendable tables is available in oak, teak, and walnut. To find the Ethnicraft retailer near you and your readers, please visit our store locator: