A love for solid wood brings 2 brands together.

Universo Positivo has always traveled a similar path like Ethnicraft’s. Avant-garde designs with solid wood as the main design element, and looks that are recognizable and timeless.

Today, Universo Positivo has reached a crossroad. Because Ethnicraft and Universo Positivo believe in the same values, it makes sense to bring them together and jointly continue on this brand new path.

All Universo Positivo products can now be found under the Ethnicraft brand, catalogue and website. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@ethnicraft.com !

By integrating Universo Positivo into Ethnicraft, the eye-catching furniture by its young designers will reach a broader audience, and bring a new energy to Ethnicraft. The coming-together of both brands further solidifies Ethnicraft’s unique position in the world and sets up an exciting new chapter in our story.