Out of love for good design

Over the past 25 years, Ethnicraft has become synonymous with solid wood furniture. While looking back on our history, we decided to look forward too. Wood, one of nature’s purest creations, has always been and will be, the protagonist in our story. Yet at the same time, we see beauty in so much around us. The Anders collection is an exploration. A journey on which we challenge ourselves to work with new materials yet always remain true to our signature aesthetics. By broadening our own horizon, we now offer a wider selection of furniture to enrich the unique habitats of our clients even more.

The first marble we chose to work with is called “Carrara Marble” and it has its origin in Italy. More specifically in the city called Carrara, located in the northernmost tip of Tuscany. It is pristine white with soft blue/black and grey veins. This natural stone has been used over centuries and is regarded as one of the best / purest in the world. Throughout history, it was used in art and architecture. Michelangelo’s David and the Pantheon and Marcus Aurelius Column in Rome are just a few well-known examples. For now, we’ve used this on 3 pieces. Two coffee tables and a console.


The consoles have a solid black frame contrasts with the glass surface for a fresh twist on traditional cabinetry. The glass doors are the defining feature, and ample shelving maximizes storage and display options. The glass used in the cupboards is not regular glass but “tempered”. It is an important feature because it has increased strength. When it is broken, it will crumble in small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards as “regular” glass does. These small chunks are less likely to cause injury, and in several countries, this type of glass is required by law.
When it comes to coloring, our glass has a light grey tint to it. It is transparent but the light shadowy effect adds to the luxurious look.

The DC chair’s airy and angular metal silhouette forms the basis of this minimalistic design. By balancing between solidity and softness, we created a dining chair that offers a different experience from any given angle.


The Anders collection was designed by Djordje Cukanovic is an award-winning industrial designer and founder of Chudes studio, a multidisciplinary design studio specialized in product design. He works with companies, brands and workshops on small to large projects, developing sophisticated and innovative products, solutions and manufacturing processes, from sketch to final product, ensuring an individual approach to every client.