Ancestors is a premium furniture line that celebrates Ethnicraft’s origins. Our exclusive range
offers timeless centerpieces with a minimalistic silhouette and distinct character.

Inspired by archaic geometrical shapes and symbols found in cultures around the world,
Ancestors brings traditional ethnic art back to life. Contemporary wooden furniture is being
transformed into unique pieces of art as each pattern is carefully carved by our artisans.

The first chapter in the story of Ancestors is named after the Tabwa culture from Central Africa. The collection’s inspiration comes from the people’s fondness for linear geometric motifs. Among them, the most noticeable symbol is the triangle which forms a central element in our range. The triangle is interpreted as a new moon, symbolizing the rebirth and continuity of life.

Africa’s abundant artisanal history is also evident throughout the collection. From the spectacularly decorated facades of Tiébélé village houses and mausoleums, to the intricate designs of local folklore, hand painted by women during celebratory gatherings.