Our Designers


Meet our designers, the colourful personalities from Ethnicraft.


Alain van Havre

Alain van Havre is Ethnicrafts in-house designer. The complexity of things has always intrigued him, which led him to study product development at the Design Academy of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. To him, all design embodies the same duality: the aim is to create a timeless product, yet with a hint to the specific moment in which it is made.


Nathan Yong

Nathan Yong is often described as one of the most successful and influential designers of his generation. Currently based in Singapore, he runs a multidisciplinary design consultancy practice.


Heidi Earnshaw

Heidi Earnshaw is a Toronto-based award-winning furniture designer. Her background in fine art and a deep understanding of the nature of wood make her designs real works of beauty, with clean lines, carefully thought-out proportions and clever details.


Patrick Turner

Patrick Turner is known as one of Canadas most innovative designers. He has worked with many international architects, interior designers and manufacturers. His collaborations include design projects in the Middle East and a green project with U.S.Dairy (U.S. Dairy 2020: A vision for the future). His work has featured in many publications.


Dawn Sweitzer

From her childhood in Ohio’s great outdoors, her curiosity for life and her many travels around the globe, Dawn Sweitzer has collected images and sensations, which she now channels into her work as an artist without limitations. Her multiple inspirations have given rise to extremely rich pictorial compositions, based on abstract, complex and modern patterns, arranged into combinations and successive layers interacting with materials, colors, textures and finishes.


Constance Guisset

Award-winning designer Constance Guisset founded the Constance Guisset Studio and works with many French and international furniture editors such as Petite Friture, Moustache, Tectona, Nature & Dcouvertes, Molteni&C, La Cividina, etc. The Studio also designs industrial objects for companies like La Cie ? Seagate or travel accessories for Louis Vuitton Malletier for instance.



Djordje Cukanovic is an award-winning industrial designer and founder of Chudes studio, a multidisciplinary design studio specialized in product design. He works with companies, brands and workshops on small to large projects, developing sophisticated and innovative products, solutions and manufacturing processes, from sketch to final product, ensuring an individual approach to every client.


Jan & Lara

Jan & Lara are a designer duo who created the European label Universo Positivo in 2012. With a desire to provide high quality, affordable pieces with European design, their inspiration comes from the destiny of everyday life.


Jacques Deneef

After designing for the prestigious Delvaux label between 1996 and 2003, Jacques Deneef now works as an independent designer, creating new products and working for brands such as ‘Marie’s Corner’ as well as textiles, decoration, lighting for ‘Stephane Davidts Lighting’ and jewellery. He is also an active artist. He likes to transform used objects to give them a new life. They are turned into something new, a new existence, fixing them into a final destination: a work of art.


Grain & Green

Founded in 2007, Grain & Green is a design studio with focus on interior and product design. The Indonesian firm looks to the blending of Asian traditions and cultures as visual cue, creating pieces that amalgamate functionality and art, comfort and beauty. Grain & Green strives to design spaces that are true cultural expressions of the modern life.


Louis de Limburg Stirum

The founder of design studio Stirum Design and a graduate of Belgiums prestigious art and design school La Cambre, Louis de Limburg Stirum artfully combines contemporary elegance and industrial design in his creations. His clients comprise Villeroy & Boch, Herms, Vervloet-Faes and Ethnicraft. He also teaches at Belgiums College of Advertising and Design.


Axel Enthoven

Axel Enthoven is a graduate of The Netherlands Design Academy Eindhoven and Japans Salesian Polytechnic. He established his design studio, Enthoven Associates Design Consultants (EADC) after completing his studies. His team has won numerous awards, including the Red Dot and iF design awards. In 2004, he was presented with the Henry van de Welde award for his pioneering work in design. Enthoven was a guest professor of product development at the Artesis Hogenschool in Antwerp, Belgium, and taught design for 24 years at his alma mater, Design Academy Eindhoven.



GUD studio was founded by designers Alexandre Kumagai and Paulo Neves, based in Porto, Portugal. GUD seeks to find the beauty in the truth of shapes, creating objects that aim to speak through our culture and memories.

Studio Kaschkasch

Design studio kaschkasch was founded in 2011 by Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider. The duo works in furniture, lighting design and art direction for several national and international clients.


Paul Delaisse

Receiving a Master of Arts degree from Belgiums Royal Academy of Arts, Paul Delaisses designs are rooted in nature and the ideas surrounding green design. His works range from private pieces found in galleries to functional furniture for everyday living. His work demonstrates his ability to combine form and function, and employs natural materials to achieve elegant, organic design.



Motivated by the goal to create long lasting, high quality products for individual living, industrial designer Sascha Sartory develops new product solutions in his design studio in Cologne, Germany. Fascinated by surprising details his focus goes towards designing products that provide sustainability by using high quality materials in a smart and durable construction.



Peter Hertel and Sebastian Klarhoefer have been designing furniture since their studies together at the Instituto Universitaria di Architettura in Venice with Aldo Rossi. Based in Berlin, they continue to be fascinated and influenced by the pulsating rhythm and creative potential of the city.



Carlos Baladia is a former photographer and scenographer who has always been fascinated by ethnic cultures and handcrafted furniture. His passion for life, extensive travels and experiences with various cultures and their traditions all directly translate into this powerful collection.